an Ark Elluminous
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"That We Govern for Freedom"
"Oceans and Atmospheres"

an Ark Elluminous

The Elluminous Organization is affiliated with the government of anArk. We believe Environment, Life, Liberty on a U Line are foundation to the organizations and our GOALS. It is believed the planet bore the life, where from nothing grew small life as one celled organisms or smaller, and then it grew into larger life, sprouting trees and eventually bearing the flocks and ecosystems of all types on land, in the water, and in the skies. Our organization leads while using a science of what is natural over long periods of time, exceeding the observation of a few years or a few thousand years, to that of some distance where science is capable of deducing an observation of those conditions which are sustainable for planet and flock one day at a time. I personally us a uLINE, RULE, and PMTM modeling. From this observation, the men of our organization learn to lead among others, and adhering the RULE, as a constant in the universe.

Order of Business

A few considerations For the Florida Chapter of the Elluminous

(Environment, Life, Luminous on uLINE over time)
  • Need to indicate that the elluminous organization is applied as a reference to dangerous science and actions of men engaged in conflict. Where natural defense is permitted, and natural developments are permitted. From our chapter, how do wee identify unnatural on a timeline with the energy environment reference of a RULE.
  • The othe rmen sya they fight with a law (rule), but our RULE is present among all the stars and planets in the local universe and star cluster. Which is the greater RULE to adhere?
  • Is it natural men seek to explore space?
  • Is it natural men need to defend themselves from technology?
  • Is the natural answer that we innovate along with unnatural or accelerated developments of other men?
  • Is it natural to fight the developments among other men to track or kill with taggers and tracker infrastructure?
  • Are quantum sciences natural? What about high energy Physics? If our innovation exceeds that of other men, in more places like chemical, viral, or biological, atomic or other warfare, and perhaps by tens of thousands of years, can we challenge our enemy to defend themselves from it like they have done a person of our rank with an ancient innovation? If we know we can kill all of man with what we have, are we responsible hiding it and preventing others from achieving it? Or using it to say we are smarter and stronger?
  • If we don't have certain sciences, we survive as a species, and build planes that might someday fly in space... enabling our species to be fertile on the planes of the universe, between stars and planets, on other planets and near this and other stars, and where perhaps there is no limit to the potential of a species limited by surface space. There, our science threatens only a space craft or space station if it fails or is successful. Is there any natural comparison to chem-trail planes, weapons use deployed by the thousands called electromagnetic induction?
  • Officers presumably of the law in Florida, working with domestic and foreign combatant, kill with energy weapons they believe the citizens cant find, what is the natural response? If an officer says you go in a cage for discovering how we kill, and the count of their targets dead already is in the tens of thousands to date targeting a natural action they don't appear to like, can we use the same weapons deployed under their own departments, towns, and cities in this and other nations, by those similar men to drop them dead like they intent of their victims?
  • Is it natural to make the same requirement of our enemy they have of us? Is more responsible, or smarter, to learn to find and confront the weapons, than to use the weapons we argue other should not use? Which is the smarter tactician, when considering the survival of a species over time?
  • Should we fight with the weapons we fight about? Or make some demonstration we can use and you can not?

Views from over 100+ Countries.