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"That We Govern for Freedom"
"Oceans and Atmospheres"

an Ark Elluminous

The Elluminous Organization is affiliated with the government of anArk. We believe Environment, Life, Liberty on a U Line are foundation to the organizations and our GOALS. It is believed the planet bore the life, where from nothing grew small life as one celled organisms or smaller, and then it grew into larger life, sprouting trees and eventually bearing the flocks and ecosystems of all types on land, in the water, and in the skies. Our organization leads while using a science of what is natural over long periods of time, exceeding the observation of a few years or a few thousand years, to that of some distance where science is capable of deducing an observation of those conditions which are sustainable for planet and flock one day at a time. I personally us a uLINE, RULE, and PMTM modeling. From this observation, the men of our organization learn to lead among others, and adhering the RULE, as a constant in the universe.

Management Agenda
  • RULE, a topic managing the RULE above the surface and below the surface, among man made signlaing and activity.
  • The use of PMTM Modeling and uLINE to understand energy environment over very long periods of time, and with reaonsing of management objectives for the organizations.
  • PEARL Management and Topics of Contiuum Data Management over Time.
  • GOAL Innovation and Objectives. These projects are slowly emerging.
  • I before E, except after C; referring to the Quantunnel event. (C is used by phsycicist referring to light, but it could also refer many other things including a tranist of some space where we discover another garden region or planet. Example is organization of "I" was dominant in europe, then we found america and became natural nation of "E.")
  • Encouraging legislation supporting the persons of environmental protection agencies among nations of the planet challenging pollution, environmetal damages, and other issues established by those organizations as priority.
  • Legislation promoting investment and development of Solar Power Cells and Grid Replacement technology. THis project is the Localization of energy production to the elkectronic without need for interconnectivity.
  • Legislation promoting the replacement of motors driven by fossils fuels and non-renewables, like Oil, Gas, Water, etc; and the develplment of nont rotoary loco motion or power generation.
  • Legislation encouraging innovation of power plants and processes to replace atomic and nuclear reactors where failure does not kill the populations, harm planet, envirnment, or encourage further failure.
  • Ecouraging Innovation and legislation encouraging chemical plants and volotile storage and/or manufacturing be relocated from coast lines of oceans, not used, or buried n the grounds, and cleanup of industrial, commenrical and consumer wastes.
  • Innovation and legislation encouraging the separation of garbage at waste fields, and re-distribution to recycling and reinvestment facilities.
  • Encouraging Investment in Catastrophe planning for cosmic impact or earthly phenomena with natural disaster response and early preparation.
  • Ecouraging Investment for defense of Flocks, garden planet environment and ecosystems from the impact of man made activity, solar or comsic events.
  • Ecouraging Investment in civil engineering promoting the free movement of flock under and/or over roadways as dedicated crossing.
  • Ecouraging policy and investment preventing the use of airborne chemical weapons, pesticides, modification of crops to kill flock, application of pesticides to lawns.
  • Encouraging freedom, where the armed forces of a nation will not defend the soil, lands, or skies, the citizens are permitted a defense.

Chapter Guide

This elluminous chapter is also participating with developing the early construction of OIO, GAIA, and GAEA, and among other work being done for the benefit of mankind. As usual, these works are to be amended for better presentation. As a fellow, we are required to study each of the roles, and to work each of the roles where needed, while managing and deducing construction for the organizational references to be taught among men. It is proper that we learn form others also involved, and work together to build a proper presentation others might someday use to measure our actions in accordance with the RULE. The construction of these organizations attempts to use science to deduce how to manage, where to innovate or require innovation, which consumer products or sciences to deconstruction, ban, or prevent, and from that research of what is a perfect example, like sustainable environment of the planet, we learn to live, believe, work, and manage.

There are two organizations our chapter is part of, Illuminous Organizations (illuminati) value Intelligence and Elluminous Organizations (elluminati) value Environment; this fellow believes that the gods of our planet teach us to be Shepard of the flocks and the garden planet territories, life, and ecosystems where we live; that by learning to serve the garden as intelligent men, we might earn our spirit after the flesh by pleasing the spirits, angels, and perhaps the gods with what we achieve serving creation of the garden planet as environments. The I and E, might appear as if they compete, and because the men of the "I" and the men of the "E" have two different perspectives of what a garden kingdom is one from each continent; one might say a kingdom is a place where the men build a fort, and the other might say it is the garden lands where the animals interact and have their forts, like lizards perch on branches, the birds in tress, fishes in the waters, and the insects and other animals have their dwellings, and each have there own areas, families, and castles of their own types among what is the natural plants life and ecosystems. The I is relative to the E. Regarding the event in the evening sky, I before E, except after C. The importance here? Men are beginning to learn to fly in space! How grand a gesture is that to our god? And when we do visit another planet, to find the gods, we serve their environments with our intelligence. Just like a boat on water, intelligence, and when we arrive on another shore, environment. I before e, except after the oceans of RULE between stars and planets as C, or the waters as Sea. We know where to find the gods wherever we go.

The issue presented by the humans of our day, is that little knowledge of the elluminous (still being researched and understood by our American chapter, where i don't claim to be an expert), has led tom misunderstanding of the garden life, or that some it was here before men. We can't save those men, so we build what is required, and use our construction to fight as the gods intended, for the flocks and what sustains; a star and the planet environments up holding the ecosystems. After learning to use our intelligence with purpose to serve creation among the illuminous; which is older than any individual man today; We understand the elluminous. Referring to the RULE reflected from the life around us, and our planets and produced by the star, understood by this fellow with a uline and other derivative perspectives and applications.

Affirming, We respect more animal life than just men and the flocks of visible creation; the animals of earth are more than mankind and the visible life among the vegetation, and include the spirits, angels and demons, and perhaps also, life men might think is extra terrestrial.

I offer but one perspective, and there are trillions of intelligent perspectives, each at some global position of the garden planet on earth, among mankind, flocks, and garden life. If you like to help build the organization, volunteer by sending an email to

An oath of an ARK With the hand raised to the book of records (a uLINE in motion) in the time light continuum's, an oath is sworn; to serve a natural RULE. That the continuum of information will not reveal a deviation of my own statement of action from that data the continuum's carry away from my self as record to the universe, and where affirmed. That with measure, the RULE is discovered present when the planet bore the garden, and then the flocks; a truth of mom and dad. This oath can be taken on a planet, a moon, or perhaps anywhere in space and time, and reference a similar truth of the uLine and RULE data continuums in motion.

Directory of Topics for Organization

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